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Akira (2016)

Akira (2016)

Action | Thriller |

Rating 5.9 / 10

Voted 3,390

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Akira lives in a small town India her father had taught her to fight for rights of women at very young age she is put in remand home for an accidental crime.14 years later Akira and her mother shift to Mumbai at her brother's place and she takes admission in Holy Cross College and starts living in hostel where she is harassed by fellow students but Akira fights back ,Acp Rane is a corrupt cop who along with his fellow officers kills a person on Panvel highway after they found huge sum of money in his car, Maya a keep of Rane records his phone call to blackmail him but her handy cam gets stolen by a student of Holy Cross College who blackmails him ,Rane's fellow officers keep and eye on the college students arrests Akira thinking she has the recorded video, while Rane's man are about to kill Akira and the two men whom Maya had shown Rane's video ,Rane calls his colleague Rajeshwar and Manek asking them to leave Akira as they have caught wrong female,Rane then tells Manek to kill Akira as she has seen them killing a person.Akira hits Rajeshwar and runs from the spot but is soon caught and put in asylum saying she is become insane. Written by alex.mjacko@gmail.com

Sonakshi SinhaSonakshi Sinha
Anurag KashyapAnurag Kashyap
Konkona Sen SharmaKonkona Sen Sharma
Nandu MadhavNandu Madhav
Amit SadhAmit Sadh

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